Other David Harp Websites

If you're interested in seeing yet more of what David does, you may want to check out the following websites.
Each is briefly described, below.

Interested in the use of harmonica to increase aerobic function? This site is for athletes or those who, for whatever reason, are already in decent aerobic shape but want to breathe better!

The harmonica is the easiest musical instrument for people with disabilities to master.
David especially loves teaching people with developmental disabilities, paraplegia, vision impairment, and missing limbs, to play.

Begun in 2003 during the Iraq War, this project was created to bring the stress-reducing, focus-enhancing effects of David's harmonica methods to our armed services abroad.

David worked for years — without success — at trying to learn the advanced blues and rock technique known as bending notes.
Eventually he got it, but his frustration led him to study and then teach "bending."
His book and two CD package,
Bending the Blues, now in its third edition, has taught more than 100,000 blues and rock harpists to do it, too.

One of David's newest projects is an offshoot of HarmonicaYoga™. A "kirtan" is a traditional form of interactive musical devotion.
Drawing on the Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, and Hindu musical traditions, David has created a new form of expressing spiritual devotion, no matter what one's religion might be.
Unusual, but it proves to be a surprisingly moving event for many of those who attend!

In Progress: A new website for people with COPD or asthma, or who need to keep their aerobic system functioning well after surgery or injury.

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