What's In It for Your Show and Your Audience?

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As the world's fastest harmonica teacher, David will teach your radio or tv host -- on air -- to play blues, rock, folk, or classical harmonica in minutes, while seemlessly weaving in brain function, humor, evolutionary psychology, great music, mindfulness, stress reduction, and lots of fun!

A studio audience can join in if desired (David can supply harmonicas) and the home audience can join in using David's unique "Air Harmonica" method (not a joke -- it works!).

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David is articulate, funny, and authentic. More interested
by far in teaching what he knows to those who need it, than in being well-known for the sake of being well-known. Although his message is very serious, the way he presents it is appealing and inviting to all.

A 60 minute presentation some time ago on Ray Suarez' Talk of the Nation radio show generated more feedback than any single show done up to that time!

Want to book David for a radio, TV, or internet interview?
Call 1 - (800) mojo - is - i
(That's 1-800-665-6474)